Why Every South Florida Resident Needs Impact Resistant Windows & Doors

If you live in South Florida, make sure you’re protected! While the tropical weather here is ideal for vacationers, our beautiful habitat is also prone to catastrophic hurricanes and dangerous weather conditions. If you own a home or business in South Florida, please stop what you’re doing RIGHT NOW and check out these reasons why impact windows and doors are a must for all sofla residents!

Safeguard Your Property.

Stop stressing and start protecting. There’s nothing more comforting than knowing you’re doing all you can to protect the ones you love the most.
American Hurricane Solutions provides a variety of premium storm safety solutions, designed to safeguard your windows and sliding glass doors. See gallery for previous work.

We’re proud to carry the most innovative storm protection products on the market, guaranteed to withstand fast-flying debris and the harsh conditions of hurricane season. Standard glass is known to be extremely weak and susceptible to damage. Once hit by a fast-moving or heavy object, it is likely to shatter, causing pressure build-up and further property loss. Say goodbye to worrying about storm damage once and for all! American Hurricane Solutions & Doors are unmatched in strength, durability, and price.

Protect Against Intruders.

FACT — Impact windows and doors were not just designed to withstand against storms. Our top of the line, quality building safety products are fully customizable and hard to crack even for the toughest of crooks! Impact windows and doors, like the ones found at American Hurricane Solutions, are impenetrable and provide 24/7 maximum security against burglars and intruders. For inquiries, fill out our contact form.

Say Goodbye To UV Damage.

Hurricane windows and doors are essential for storm preparedness. They provide home and business owner’s peace of mind, security, and a thousand other ways to save including reducing high energy bills and avoiding the harmful effects of UV Rays. UV Radiation causes our drapes and furniture irreversible decay. However, impact windows and doors are proven to reduce 99% of UV Radiation.

Not sure if impact windows and doors are the right fit for you? Ask yourself… What measures are you taking to secure your family and belongings? And if a hurricane comes, are you ready for it? If you’re interested in protecting your home or business from future storm damage, let us know! American Hurricane Solutions is dedicated to offering property owners throughout Weston, Pembroke Pines, Miramar, Plantation and surrounding areas the best in storm protection products and hurricane resistant solutions. Call (954) 534-9119 to speak with a specialist about ordering your impact windows and doors today!

How Much Force Can Hurricane Windows Actually Handle?

Here in the Sunshine State, we dread the start of hurricane season each year. Florida has experienced several strong storms recently. Images from across Florida and the United States flooded the news, and if a storm doesn’t impact South Florida directly, we are left wondering when the next one will blow ashore. It is important to consider how we can better protect our homes, businesses, and families. Call American Hurricane Solutions for all your Impact Window needs.

Here in the Sunshine State, we dread the start of hurricane season each year. Florida has experienced several strong storms recently. Just in the last few years, both Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Michael brought chaos and damage to Floridians on both coasts. Images from across Florida and the United States flooded the news, and if a storm doesn’t impact South Florida directly, we are left wondering when the next one will blow ashore. It is important to consider how we can better protect our homes, businesses, and families.

Hurricane windows are constructed from layer upon layer of glass. These layers are then bonded tightly to an inner plastic layer for strength and extra stability. Last, these impact window panes are sealed into place with some flexibility to allow for movement should wind or debris cause the windows to bend slightly.

These layered impact window panes can withstand moderate to high wind speeds, including dreaded microbursts and flying debris in most cases. The added protection of the impact windows and the flexible placement mean that hurricane windows can withstand the big gusts that both Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Michael brought.

To give you additional peace of mind, impact window manufacturers are legally required to test their products against harsh conditions with large missile 2 x 4’ impact tests involving wooden beams traveling at over 30 MPH.

Once the panes pass the first test, they are subjected to additional tests. One test involves installation and then subjecting the hurricane windows to constant, cyclic wind loads. If the impact glass shatters or if the hurricane windows slide or pop out of their frames, the product cannot be sold. Your hurricane windows have passed these stringent tests, so you can rest assured that your investment is sound.

Wind pressure is something that consumers must pay attention to prior to a storm. While many Floridians rely on metal shutters, they are difficult to install and take down, and they do not need to adhere to the same regulations as impact windows and hurricane windows. Wind pressure can build quickly as a hurricane rages outside, and while a metal shutter will guard a window against debris, it will not protect the window from the pressure changes that occur. Only strong, reinforced hurricane windows will add an extra layer of security between you and the elements.

You have options when it comes to protecting the ones you love, your home, business, and other assets. Hurricane windows are the best and most efficient way to do so, and we are here to help you. American Hurricane Solutions is your ultimate resource for the best hurricane and storm protection. With over 10 years of experience, a dedicated team of professionals, and the most innovative and top quality products, we are ready to serve South Florida. Before the chaos of hurricane season is upon us, fill out our contact form, or give us a call at (954) 534-9119.

Do Impact Windows Really Stack Up? American Hurricane Solutions can help you decide.

It’s only natural you should want the maximum return investment on your purchase, but rest assured, impact windows are the best line of defense out there. Here’s a little background about just what goes into manufacturing them. All in all, they are well worth the investment and far outperform other forms of protection.
When they named Florida the Sunshine State, they should have included “hurricane” in parenthesis. Unfortunately, it’s an inconvenient truth and caveat to year-round sunshine – but, although there’s little we can do to stop the actual storm, every homeowner can take certain steps to brace it with confidence. One of the top results for hurricane resistance you’ll easily find is the tried and true impact window. But, does it really protect your household more than its counterparts, like shutters or wooden boards?

It’s only natural you should want the maximum return investment on your purchase, but rest assured, impact windows are the best line of defense out there. Here’s a little background about just what goes into manufacturing them.

In a nutshell, impact windows consist of at least two layers of glass laminated together with a single interlayer, or membrane. This allows the windows to act as a sturdy barrier to flying debris, high winds, and dangerous fluctuations in atmospheric pressure. According to various field tests, they can withstand gales up to 200 miles per hour – and not just that, the laminated insulating glass is specifically designed to stay intact from the repeated impact of a nine-pound 2’ x 4’ beam traveling 34mph.

The windows are installed within strong, aluminum frames for extra support and a layer of film on each side of the glass pane. This two-layer safeguard maintains the overall integrity of the window, should one layer incur any damage. So, if one side breaks or shatters, the interlayer is still compact. For added reassurance, manufacturers reduce heat transfer by filling the space between the second and third layers with gas. Also, inner membrane windows consist of a polyvinyl butyl adhesive, or PVB for short, preventing scattering or splintering.

Impact windows follow stringent code requirements to make sure everything holds in place well after installation. All in all, they are well worth the investment and far outperform other forms of protection.

Contact American Hurricane Solutions today to discuss all your window concerns. With over 10 years serving South Florida with quality products and installation, we can provide you with the best options for your project. You can either use our contact form or call (954) 534-9119.

Keep Your Chill by Keeping up with Cooling Costs: How Impact Windows Impact your Wallet

Don’t get heated over the Florida heat – let your windows do the heavy-lifting for a change. Sunshine doesn’t just inconvenience us – it can cumulatively cause lasting damage to interior paint and artwork. Preventing these kinds of damages from the outset saves more money down the line. As it turns out, the special coating and laminated glass of high impact windows serve as a protective barrier against unwanted outside heat. Most of us knew that much, to begin with – but, did you know that the smart design could save you both sweat and money? The denser glass provides shade against direct heat, in addition to UV protection. As a result, it better regulates your home’s overall temperature and as a bonus, you can cut down on air conditioning expenses.

No more sluggishly wandering through the house in a humid haze, the impact windows make the climate bearable. And what’s more – they provide extra insulation, ensuring that the A/C doesn’t get out. Plus, when it gets cold – they retain more heat, so you won’t have to blow your utility bill on firing up the heater. High impact windows involve just a one-time installation process, serving as a worthy investment to continue servicing you for years to come.

High impact windows also happen to look nice, doubling as a decorative addition to your home. They can also protect your home not just from inclement weather, but attempted burglary. Your family and prospective tenants can enjoy a quieter home environment as well when acknowledging that heavier glass reduces ambient noise. Some insurance companies officially recognize this quality and might even offer lowered premiums as a result. Furthermore, the added reinforcement effectively acts as a deterrent against vandals who try to break and enter. If you plan on selling the house, this choice could significantly increase your property’s worth – saving you even more money in the long run.

Don’t get heated over the Florida heat-let your windows do the heavy-lifting. Sunshine doesn’t just inconvenience us-it can cumulatively cause lasting damage to interior paint & artwork. As it turns out, the special coating & laminated glass of high impact windows serve as a protective barrier against the outside heat.

In fact, the 2014 Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report officially identified impact-resistant windows as a home improvement tactic that effectively increased home value. Moreover, that type of window will create a positive impact on the income tax implications – and as a shorter-term benefit, the choice could entail a discount on homeowner’s insurance within the state of Florida. According to Florida Statute 627.0629(1), insurance companies “must offer discounts, credits, or other rate differentials for construction techniques that reduce damage and loss in windstorms;” so, you see, the perks are substantial.

While discussing the merits of impact windows, we shouldn’t forget their most obvious purpose: to provide extra protection and resistance against hurricanes and extreme thunderstorms. Did you know that the better models can withstand winds up to 110 miles per hour? Extra protection conveniences you from unnecessary storm prep, potentially reducing post-storm damage and replacement fees. Not to mention it saves you the hassle of buying and installing temperamental shutters that frankly, won’t give you the same level and standard of protection. Your assured safety is, after all, priceless.

DID YOU KNOW: Windows can help you insulate your home from summer heat in South Florida?

Decrease Summer Cooling Costs, Install Impact Windows

Incredible Backyard Views from any Window

Windows are essential features and are sometimes used as statement pieces for all kinds of Florida properties. They make rooms feel larger than they may truly be, and they also allow natural light to flow throughout indoor spaces.

Modern architecture uses windows more often than in previous decades and in a variety of ways to augment spaces, such as installing floor-to-ceiling walls of windows, strategically placed skylights, and even enveloping entire rooms with windows, wrapping them around corners to create a seamless indoor-outdoor illusion.

In South Florida, lots of windows are a great addition to any space as we have an abundance of natural light thanks to the endless days of sun, but along with more windows for natural lighting comes more heat, warming up South Florida’s indoor spaces quite quickly.

Windows offer amazing views

The solution is not to remove windows or cover your ocean views with blinds and curtains, but rather to go the route of impact (double pane) windows, a type of window that has an enhanced configuration to promote even cooling throughout your Florida home and is highly energy efficient.

Impact windows, otherwise known as double pane windows, have two sheets of glass instead of one, which is separated by an insulating-gas-filled space to further protect from the sun’s penetrating rays. Choosing to cool your home using impact windows may cost a little more upon installation, but over time, it is well worth the investment. Standard windows cannot withstand South Florida weather and heat for nearly as long as impact windows, nor do they provide most of the protective qualities that impact windows do.

Not only do impact windows keep your home evenly cool (especially on those scorching- hot summer days), but they consequently cut energy consumption costs by up to 50-percent, reduce noise pollution from outside, block UV rays, and by having two sheets of glass instead of one, impact windows increase the security of your home.

It is especially important for Floridians to properly insulate their homes with impact windows in the summers. Temperatures are known to exceed 100-degrees Fahrenheit, and the cost to keep the inside of homes cool becomes outrageous. Impact windows eliminate the usual necessity to overwork your air-conditioning unit, saving potential maintenance costs without compromising the cooling of your home. What’s more, impact window maintenance is less frequent than the reparations that would happen more often with standard windows. It simply makes the most sense to go with impact windows when deciding to install new window features in a South Florida home.

Leading the South Florida impact window installation industry is American Hurricane Solutions, a group of highly-qualified window specialists who use the latest technology, highest safety standards, and innovative designs to provide you with affordable solutions for your home’s cooling and efficiency needs. Whether you need impact windows for your home or storefront, American Hurricane Solutions is at your service from Key West to Jupiter. Call American Hurricane Solutions at (954) 534-9119 or visit their website at americanhurricanesolutions.com today for an estimate. Keep your home cool and protected from the hot South Florida sun.

Properly Insulate Your Home with Impact Windows from American Hurricane Solutions

6 Ways to Prepare Your Windows for Hurricane Season

For both snowbirds and lifelong natives, hurricane season is a fact of life in Florida. Preparing your home and property is almost a rite of passage for all those who call the Sunshine State home. Even inland cities like Weston, Plantation, Pembroke Pines, and Miramar need to make sure they’re ready if a storm comes their way.

As we enter hurricane season once again, it’s important to revisit your most vulnerable asset: windows. From plywood to impact resistant windows, there are a variety of options when it comes to protecting your windows from strong winds and debris. And there’s more than just broken glass on the line.

Windows that break during hurricanes allow the wind to rush through your home. This can compromise the entire structure. Houses with open or broken windows have a greater risk of having the roof torn off!

Consider Impact Resistant Windows

The best option for hurricane preparedness is impact resistant windows, otherwise known as high-impact windows. These sturdy panes of glass are actually two sheets of glass separated by a layer of vinyl. Like car windshields, impact resistant windows are made to take a beating without shattering. If they do take a direct hit from an object at high speeds, the glass will crack but the vinyl layer will keep the window intact, keeping wind and rain out.

This option also means you don’t have to put up shutters or plywood when a storm is around the corner, you can continue to let natural light in throughout hurricane season, and you don’t have anything blocking your exit if there is a fire.

At American Hurricane Solutions, we use WindGaurd Impact windows that offer more than just hurricane protection. These windows block harmful UV rays that can fade furniture. They also reduce outside noise.

After Impact Resistant Windows, Shutters Are the Next Best Thing

If a hurricane is around the corner and you haven’t had time to consider or install impact resistant windows, aluminum or accordion shutters are the next best thing. They will keep debris from coming into your home and can take a lot of abuse without losing integrity.

However, this robust option comes with a few drawbacks. They keep light out when they are installed. If you have accordion shutters, you’ll have an unsightly box above your windows all throughout the year. If you choose the manual option, you have to store them in the offseason and put them up with a storm just around the corner. They can also be expensive, especially if your home has large picture windows.


Plywood is a cheap option and can get the job done in most circumstances. However, they carry the same drawbacks as aluminum shutters without the durability. They need to be stored throughout the year, they keep out light, and extremely high impacts may cause them to break or bend in towards the windows.

Don’t Tape Windows

There is a common myth that says taping your windows during a hurricane can prevent shattering but this isn’t true at all. A taped window can still break and, instead of breaking into tiny pieces, the tape can cause the glass to break into larger, more dangerous shards.

Clear Potential Projectiles

Florida yards are often a treasure trove of objects that can potentially be thrown by a hurricane. Anything from coconuts to propane tanks can be lifted by hurricane-force winds and flung towards windows. Bring lawn furniture indoors, clear away branches and loose foliage, and trim trees. A clear yard means fewer objects that can potentially cause damage to your home or your neighbor’s home.

Get Help Around the Neighborhood

Sometimes a tropical depression can turn into more powerful hurricane quickly and that’s when everyone scrambles to prepare with just a few days before landfall. For those instances, it’s helpful to have a group of people to help prepare. Trimming trees, putting up shutters, and moving in lawn furniture all goes a lot faster with help.

Ask your neighbors to form a group that will be ready with a plan to help each other prepare when a storm is on the horizon. This will also encourage your neighbors to allow you to help them clear their yards of debris that could potentially damage your property.


Modern Window Design Trends for 2017

American Hurricane Solutions is number one in windows here in South Florida! We are the most trusted name in storm protection, which makes sense, given where we work. However, it’s not all about the hurricanes down here. Today, we’re going to be talking about the top window trends of 2017.

Making Windows Energy Efficient and Sustainable

Going Green means different things to different people, but the window industry has tended to focus on energy-efficiency improvements: better insulation, innovative glazing, and energy star products. We’re expecting to see a stronger push from window companies towards high-performing, efficient windows. Going green isn’t just a trend, it’s here to stay and we’re here to help you save with it.

The desire to save money on heating and cooling and the demand for sustainable construction methods drives many decisions on window and door treatments. While wood framed windows are usually the best choice, except for rainy climates, vinyl can also be an attractive window treatment solution. Double-paned windows made with Low-E glass, with a vacuum-sealed argon fill are the most requested type of window for energy efficiency. As for window treatments, shutters give the best savings on energy costs.

Natural Light

Natural light continues to be a big deal in homes, with wider windows and doors and open plan housing taking on a supersized focus in the coming year. Lighting with the natural sun has always been a popular method for greening up homes, but this year, building professionals are taking a more technical approach. Trendsetting homeowners have been adopting a new technique called “daylight harvesting.” In these homes, automated systems monitor daylight levels in interiors, dimming or shutting off lighting when there’s enough natural light that it’s not necessary to offset lighting requirements with artificial bulbs. Homeowners have been eager to achieve not just the convenience of automation, but also a sense of innovation, green living, and natural harmony—and thankfully, these window trends strike that very balance.

Bolder is Better

Doors and windows are getting bigger, which ties into our previous section on natural light. Choose floor-to-ceiling windows to let in maximum light and give your home an open, welcoming feel. Are you remodeling? Consider replacing an entire wall with glass, or update older windows with bigger panes of glass. Go, bold people. Liven up your space with jewel tones, metallic fabrics, and geometric patterns. Adorn simple window treatments with a texture like beads, metal accents, and eye-catching tiebacks. Be sure to layer your draperies with sheer and opaque fabrics to allow for both light and privacy. Window treatments in jewel tones, which range from deep reds to subtle blues, are sophisticated and create the atmosphere of luxury in any space. Clean lines, thin profiles, and custom designs have dominated the industry in 2017, giving homes a sleek but time-honored appearance. We’re still all about maintaining those clean lines, but with a bolder pop out feel when it comes to color.

Modern Window Design Trends for 2017 - American Hurricane Solutions, Inc.

Proper Window Maintenance

Proper Window Maintenace by the Professionals at American Hurricane Solutions
Our windows are the eyes into and out of our home. They let light in and can make your house feel open and light. As you clean your home, sometimes your windows can be overlooked! It is important to keep your windows in good shape to extend their longevity. The best way to protect your windows, of course, is routine inspections and general maintenance. However, windows are generally the part of our home we just forget to clean. Here are some tips from American Hurricane Solutions about how to keep your windows in tip-top shape!

The Environmental Impact

The environment can take it’s toll on windows, especially in Florida. Our windows are typically exposed to harsh sunlight, and the occasional hurricane strength storm. They take a beating! Unfortunately, without regular window maintenance the damage becomes cumulative and eventually, replacement becomes the only economical option. Frames and sashes are subject to changes in size with use and exposure to temperature cycles. As a result, a gap can form between window components, increasing both air and water infiltration. In addition, check the window paint. If the paint is falling off, this can be traced back to moisture damage. Keep an eye on your windows, and if you notice anything different call for an inspection as soon as you can.

What You Can Do

If you see a gap between your window casing and the wall, replace the worn out seal. The gap can lead to loss of energy efficiency. Replacing the seal can also reduce water leaks and helps keep the window securely in place. If you have wooden frames, make sure to repaint them every three or four years. The paint can help protect them from the elements and maintains the appearance of your home. Of course, replace broken glass as soon as you can to keep your home secure. To learn more about how to keep your windows in shape, contact American Hurricane Solutions today!

How do I know when it’s time to replace my home’s windows?

American Hurricane Solutions can help Protect your Home & Save MoneyYour home is the place where you spend the most time in your life. The exterior of your home especially is the first thing you see when arriving. You want your home to look great because that’s where you unwind from a hard day’s work. A looks good, feels good mentality for your home is in order. Today, we’re going to talk about where the light comes through, and how to keep your houses cheery and bright, the windows.

A lot of homes need a window upgrade. Homeowner’s in South Florida are constantly learning more about improving their home’s energy efficiency. Thus, they start looking for ways to cut down on their heating and cooling costs. If you don’t know when the last time your windows were replaced, chances are, it’s beyond time to replace them.

There are quite a few reasons to replace windows. Here are a few!

• Daily exposure to weather and sunlight – some windows get more exposure than others, which means they need to be replaced more.
• Drafty air leaks and water condensing – Cold air infiltrates and heat pours out through the same weak seals, wasting your money.
• Style – there are massive amounts of style choices for windows, and you want your home to look great!
• Hurricane windows – we all live in south Florida, and we’re no stranger to hurricane season. Hurricane and impact windows can drastically lower your costs later, and you don’t even need to put up shutters!

If you’re looking to replace your windows, come visit American Hurricane Solutions! Conveniently located in Miramar, our products are designed to provide maximum storm protection, while also bringing added beauty to your property. We take pride in providing the best in affordable storm protection solutions in South Florida. To learn more about our storm protection products, contact the team at American Hurricane Solutions today for a free estimate.

Hurricane Windows & Doors in Weston

Hurricane Impact Windows & Doors

Floridian’s know that Hurricane season brings with it unpredictable weather. When it’s that time of year, it’s important to be prepared for the sudden and disastrous storms that may be headed your way. When tracking a storm, it’s important to prepare. Gather necessary supplies at least a week before the storm. Clear surrounding debris from around the home and safely secure any loose items that can cause window damage.

You won’t feel ready to hunker-down or get out of town unless you know your home is safe and prepared to weather the storm. Regular windows and doors offer little resistance against the varied debris that fly in hurricane winds. Hurricane impact windows and doors will save you the time and headache of putting up shutters days before a storm.

Year-long Security

Having impact windows and doors will reduce the preparation time and guarantee premium protection during the terrible winds, rain and debris. Impact windows and doors can protect you from more than just hurricanes. They also provide break-in and burglary prevention by offering strength and durability.

American Hurricane Solutions has the best collection of WindGuard Impact Windows in South Florida and a complete inventory of Doors from PGT. Each window and door is created with the latest technology to withstand impact from the hardest winds and all debris, because nothing is more important than keeping your home and family safe. American Hurricane Solutions can help you find the right impact window and door solutions to keep your home and family secure for next hurricane season and all year long.

Final Word

Impact windows and doors offer many solutions to your home security needs whether it be to withstand the intensity of a hurricane or protect your family from an intruder. Be prepared this hurricane season and all year long with impact windows and doors from American Hurricane Solutions. Contact the team at American Hurricane Solutions and ask for a free estimate.