DID YOU KNOW: Windows can help you insulate your home from summer heat in South Florida?

Decrease Summer Cooling Costs, Install Impact Windows

Incredible Backyard Views from any Window

Windows are essential features and are sometimes used as statement pieces for all kinds of Florida properties. They make rooms feel larger than they may truly be, and they also allow natural light to flow throughout indoor spaces.

Modern architecture uses windows more often than in previous decades and in a variety of ways to augment spaces, such as installing floor-to-ceiling walls of windows, strategically placed skylights, and even enveloping entire rooms with windows, wrapping them around corners to create a seamless indoor-outdoor illusion.

In South Florida, lots of windows are a great addition to any space as we have an abundance of natural light thanks to the endless days of sun, but along with more windows for natural lighting comes more heat, warming up South Florida’s indoor spaces quite quickly.

Windows offer amazing views

The solution is not to remove windows or cover your ocean views with blinds and curtains, but rather to go the route of impact (double pane) windows, a type of window that has an enhanced configuration to promote even cooling throughout your Florida home and is highly energy efficient.

Impact windows, otherwise known as double pane windows, have two sheets of glass instead of one, which is separated by an insulating-gas-filled space to further protect from the sun’s penetrating rays. Choosing to cool your home using impact windows may cost a little more upon installation, but over time, it is well worth the investment. Standard windows cannot withstand South Florida weather and heat for nearly as long as impact windows, nor do they provide most of the protective qualities that impact windows do.

Not only do impact windows keep your home evenly cool (especially on those scorching- hot summer days), but they consequently cut energy consumption costs by up to 50-percent, reduce noise pollution from outside, block UV rays, and by having two sheets of glass instead of one, impact windows increase the security of your home.

It is especially important for Floridians to properly insulate their homes with impact windows in the summers. Temperatures are known to exceed 100-degrees Fahrenheit, and the cost to keep the inside of homes cool becomes outrageous. Impact windows eliminate the usual necessity to overwork your air-conditioning unit, saving potential maintenance costs without compromising the cooling of your home. What’s more, impact window maintenance is less frequent than the reparations that would happen more often with standard windows. It simply makes the most sense to go with impact windows when deciding to install new window features in a South Florida home.

Leading the South Florida impact window installation industry is American Hurricane Solutions, a group of highly-qualified window specialists who use the latest technology, highest safety standards, and innovative designs to provide you with affordable solutions for your home’s cooling and efficiency needs. Whether you need impact windows for your home or storefront, American Hurricane Solutions is at your service from Key West to Jupiter. Call American Hurricane Solutions at (954) 534-9119 or visit their website at americanhurricanesolutions.com today for an estimate. Keep your home cool and protected from the hot South Florida sun.

Properly Insulate Your Home with Impact Windows from American Hurricane Solutions

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