Modern Window Design Trends for 2017

American Hurricane Solutions is number one in windows here in South Florida! We are the most trusted name in storm protection, which makes sense, given where we work. However, it’s not all about the hurricanes down here. Today, we’re going to be talking about the top window trends of 2017.

Making Windows Energy Efficient and Sustainable

Going Green means different things to different people, but the window industry has tended to focus on energy-efficiency improvements: better insulation, innovative glazing, and energy star products. We’re expecting to see a stronger push from window companies towards high-performing, efficient windows. Going green isn’t just a trend, it’s here to stay and we’re here to help you save with it.

The desire to save money on heating and cooling and the demand for sustainable construction methods drives many decisions on window and door treatments. While wood framed windows are usually the best choice, except for rainy climates, vinyl can also be an attractive window treatment solution. Double-paned windows made with Low-E glass, with a vacuum-sealed argon fill are the most requested type of window for energy efficiency. As for window treatments, shutters give the best savings on energy costs.

Natural Light

Natural light continues to be a big deal in homes, with wider windows and doors and open plan housing taking on a supersized focus in the coming year. Lighting with the natural sun has always been a popular method for greening up homes, but this year, building professionals are taking a more technical approach. Trendsetting homeowners have been adopting a new technique called “daylight harvesting.” In these homes, automated systems monitor daylight levels in interiors, dimming or shutting off lighting when there’s enough natural light that it’s not necessary to offset lighting requirements with artificial bulbs. Homeowners have been eager to achieve not just the convenience of automation, but also a sense of innovation, green living, and natural harmony—and thankfully, these window trends strike that very balance.

Bolder is Better

Doors and windows are getting bigger, which ties into our previous section on natural light. Choose floor-to-ceiling windows to let in maximum light and give your home an open, welcoming feel. Are you remodeling? Consider replacing an entire wall with glass, or update older windows with bigger panes of glass. Go, bold people. Liven up your space with jewel tones, metallic fabrics, and geometric patterns. Adorn simple window treatments with a texture like beads, metal accents, and eye-catching tiebacks. Be sure to layer your draperies with sheer and opaque fabrics to allow for both light and privacy. Window treatments in jewel tones, which range from deep reds to subtle blues, are sophisticated and create the atmosphere of luxury in any space. Clean lines, thin profiles, and custom designs have dominated the industry in 2017, giving homes a sleek but time-honored appearance. We’re still all about maintaining those clean lines, but with a bolder pop out feel when it comes to color.

Modern Window Design Trends for 2017 - American Hurricane Solutions, Inc.

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