Proper Window Maintenance

Proper Window Maintenace by the Professionals at American Hurricane Solutions
Our windows are the eyes into and out of our home. They let light in and can make your house feel open and light. As you clean your home, sometimes your windows can be overlooked! It is important to keep your windows in good shape to extend their longevity. The best way to protect your windows, of course, is routine inspections and general maintenance. However, windows are generally the part of our home we just forget to clean. Here are some tips from American Hurricane Solutions about how to keep your windows in tip-top shape!

The Environmental Impact

The environment can take it’s toll on windows, especially in Florida. Our windows are typically exposed to harsh sunlight, and the occasional hurricane strength storm. They take a beating! Unfortunately, without regular window maintenance the damage becomes cumulative and eventually, replacement becomes the only economical option. Frames and sashes are subject to changes in size with use and exposure to temperature cycles. As a result, a gap can form between window components, increasing both air and water infiltration. In addition, check the window paint. If the paint is falling off, this can be traced back to moisture damage. Keep an eye on your windows, and if you notice anything different call for an inspection as soon as you can.

What You Can Do

If you see a gap between your window casing and the wall, replace the worn out seal. The gap can lead to loss of energy efficiency. Replacing the seal can also reduce water leaks and helps keep the window securely in place. If you have wooden frames, make sure to repaint them every three or four years. The paint can help protect them from the elements and maintains the appearance of your home. Of course, replace broken glass as soon as you can to keep your home secure. To learn more about how to keep your windows in shape, contact American Hurricane Solutions today!

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