Tax Credit for Storm Windows

image (7)  Your home is the biggest investment most people make in your life. Especially in Florida, impact windows and doors are the first form of defense when it comes to hurricane season. Some of the most serious damage caused to homes during a hurricane is from flying debris that can collide with your building materials at incredibly high speeds. American Hurricane Solutions has the best inventory of Impact Windows in South Florida. Each window is created with the latest technology to withstand the highest winds. Today, American Hurricane Solutions is here to help you with getting your storm windows and qualify for a possible tax credit as well!

The IRS offers tax credits for qualifying energy-efficient home improvements. Storm windows can save you about 15% to 40% on your energy bill. Impact Windows and Doors include sound reduction, UV reduction, increased comfort, reduced condensation, sun control, sash protection and security. Best of all, replacing glass windows and doors in your home or commercial property will save you money on your electric bill and provide the security you need.

Here are a few Tax Credit details you that may be helpful in making your decision on replacing your glass windows and doors of your home or commercial property:

• Available through 2016
• 10% of expenditures, up to $500 for the year, for all energy improvements combined.
• Save receipts and each manufacturer’s certification statement, which is used to find qualifying products.
• The credit applies to improvements such as adding insulation, energy efficient exterior windows and energy-efficient heating and air conditioning systems.
• File IRS Form 5695/ Refer to your Tax Advisor for more information

The professionals at American Hurricane Solutions Inc. take pride in providing the most innovative storm protection products on the market. We’re happy to provide you with the knowledge impact windows and doors and the tax credits associated with it! While we are not tax advisors, we do recommend you speak to your Accountant for more information on Tax Savings or visit the following website for more information on Florida Homeowner Tax Credits on Energy Efficient Properties. WWW.IRS.GOV

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