Impact Windows and Doors Help Keep Your Home Burglar-Proof

Improving your doors and windows can prevent break-ins
Everyone wants to keep their home safe, whether it’s from the elements or from a would-be robber. Lucky for you, our Impact Windows and Doors do more than just protect your home from the destruction that hurricanes and storms can cause. They also, along with providing UV protection, filtering outside noise and lowering your energy costs, can help to prevent break-ins, so you can have peace of mind not just from hurricanes and storms but also people attempting to break into your home. Obviously, it’s something that no one likes to think about, and we all would like to prefer to assume that we live in a safe area, especially in some quieter areas of Pembroke Pines or Weston. But just like it pays to be prepared for a hurricane though you hope one will never come, you should be equally prepared for the worst when it comes to potential break-ins. So how do they provide protection against intruders? Let us give you the rundown.American Hurricane Solutions Services

Built to withstand
To start with, they’re specifically made to withstand impact. Our WinGuard Impact Windows are made to withstand hurricane-force winds and high-velocity airborne debris. While traditional glass definitely can’t hold up to a blunt object like a flashlight or a bat or sometimes even just a fist being swung at it, the products we offer are a different story. If they can stand up to anything South Florida weather can throw at them, our Impact Windows can certainly take a blow from a baseball bat.

While they are admittedly not impossible to break, they require a good deal more time and noise to do so, and therefore breaking them tends to prove to be more work and effort than a criminal is going to be willing to bother with when there are easier targets available. Speed and stealth are a burglar’s best tools and having Impact Windows and Doors take those tools right out of their arsenal.

Lastly, in the specific case of windows, they don’t shatter like traditional glass would. Unlike a traditional pane of glass, our WinGuard Impact Windows are made from layers of glass separated by a plastic interlayer that holds the panels of glass together even after an impact. While they may splinter, Impact Windows will not break through, which means that a potential intruder could not smash it to create a hole to reach their hand through or try to step through. There’s no opportunity to create an opening for them to get through.

Final Word
So come by and see us at American Hurricane Solutions and we’ll help you protect your home not just from hurricanes and other forms of severe weather, but from the possibility of someone attempting to break-in to your house. It pays to be prepared and protect your biggest investment.