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How impact windows keep your home safe from hurricanes and storms

Living in South Florida means that you get to call one of the hottest vacation spots in the country home. It means sun, fun and sandy beaches, but it also means storms and –  in some cases – hurricanes. Luckily, it’s been awhile since we’ve seen any real hurricane action, but that’s no reason to be foolish about safety as hurricane season heats up (literally!), and we start to see some potentially dangerous storms brewing out on the ocean. No one wants to be caught unprepared, and that’s why it’s more important than ever to make sure you have Impact Windows to keep your home standing and your family safe.

The importance and benefits of WinGaurd Impact Windows in South Florida
Back in 2005, in the wake of Hurricane Wilma, there were scenes of destruction and devastation from Pembroke Pines and Miramar even out to Plantation and Weston. Windows were destroyed and roofs were in ruin. But all that can be avoided by taking the proper steps to secure your home with some of our top quality WinGuard Impact Windows, which pass building codes for air, water, structural and even small and large missile impact protection. You read that right, missile protection. Your odds of being hit with a missile? Admittedly low. Your odds of being hit with high-velocity debris from either a hurricane or a major storm? Much more likely. But with WinGaurd Impact Windows, you’ll be protected.

Every Floridian knows the yearly head – and back! – ache that is putting up storm shutters. It’s basically a rite of passage for anyone who calls South Florida home, especially in the Broward County area. Your choices are pretty grim: you either put them up yourself, which, if you have a multi-story house can mean scrambling around on your roof, or you hire someone to do it for you at great expense.  This is where our Impact Windows come in: they do more than just keep the storm out, they also eliminate the need for shutters, which means that you save the time of doing it yourself and the money of hiring someone else. Just call us up at American Hurricane Solutions and we’ll get them installed and then you’re good to go come hurricane season with peace of mind.

WinGuard Impact Windows can even protect things you might not expect, like your roof. That’s right, your windows can have your roof’s back (metaphorically speaking). A broken window during a hurricane or storm means not just damage but winds entering your home and can cause a huge difference in indoor and outdoor air pressure. When this happens, the building is most likely to lose its roof to provide a way out for the sustained pressure. So choosing one of our superior quality WinGuard Impact Windows can also mean the difference between roof and no roof.

Final Word
So don’t be caught unawares this storm season, or any! In South Florida, whether you’re in Miramar or Weston, Pembroke Pines or Plantation, you need to be ready for whatever the weather has in store, and we at American Hurricane Solutions are here to help you. Save yourself from having to deal with storm shutters while still keeping your peace of mind that your windows are anything, and your home is safe. Protect what matters most to you by giving the professionals at American Hurricane Solutions a call today!

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