Why Do I Need Hurricane Impact Windows in Florida?

You might think that you don’t need to worry about Hurricane protection. After all, the last hurricane that did some damage to South Florida was Hurricane Wilma back in 2005. That was quite a while ago, and it’s important to remember that here in South Florida, we have had complete devastation due to the wrath of hurricanes. Do you know if your home in Weston can stand up to hurricane force winds? Without quality impact windows in South Florida, the answer is no. If your home in Weston can sustain the actual hurricane, then the next path of destruction comes from flying debris, which will be flying through the air and hitting your house, condo, or office with extreme force and high speeds. That’s why you need to head to American Hurricane Solutions for the best inventory of WindGuard Impact Windows in Weston. Every window is created with the latest technology to resist the highest winds charted. However, impact windows do so much more than protect you home from a hurricane.


  • What are some other benefits of the WindGuard Impact Windows? Well, let us first clear up a few misconceptions about what an impact window can do for your Weston home. Here at American Hurricane Solutions, we have a complete inventory of superior quality impact windows in South Florida. Now is the time to remodel or upgrade your windows, before the next hurricane hits Weston. As an added benefit, WindGuard Impact Windows are able to provide year-round security to your home. Nobody wants a thieve or intruder to violate their home in Weston. Luckily when you have WindGuard Impact Windows, you are protecting your entire family from an intruder because it’s nearly impossible to cut through the glass.
  • How can WindGuard Impact Windows help me reduce energy? Basically, the window, if properly treated, is like applying sunscreen to your home. Our WindGuard Impact Windows filter out nearly 99% of the sun’s UV rays; WindGuard shields your furniture, carpet, and more from the effects of fading caused by the sun. You can also have the experts here at American Hurricane Solutions place additional tints and “Low-E” coatings that further reduce solar heat gain, increase your comfort, and help you reduce your energy costs. Another bonus is that these windows are all Energy Star® qualified which means it will be less costly to cool your Weston home.


  • What makes WindGuard High Impact windows better than other windows? Here at American Hurricane Solutions, we have been leaders in the industry for many years to offer the best solutions to our Weston customers. WindGuard High Impact windows were created after Hurricane Andrew. This particular window meets Florida’s most stringent code requirements for wind-borne debris protection. Moreover, these windows pass TAS 201, 202, and 203 codes for air, water, structural, and both small and large missile impact protection.

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  • Before the next hurricane strikes South Florida, come and see us at American Hurricane Solutions. WindGuard High Impact Windows is much more than a product that will make you Weston home look beautiful. Remember the alternatives, ugly storm panels and hurricane shutters? It is a hassle-free form of protection that you need for your home. Its protection is multifaceted and guards your home against not only hurricane winds, by foils intruders, filters away outside noise, and reduces damaging sunlight. For a free quote or to learn more about WindGuard, just give us a call at American Hurricane Solutions at 954-534-9119.

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